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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Scrap of Purple Sparkle Fabric

I managed two projects out of this scrap of fabric:

The first is an embroidery floss card/bobbin. Here's what I did:

1. Cut out the shape from scrap cardboard ( I haven't thrown away a cereal box in months, my husband is getting a little frustrated).   Cut out the shape from the fabric. Cut 2 cardboard and 2 fabric

Tip: cut out the cardboard in pairs- cut one and then use that one to make the next one, they will look better in the final bobbin. I marked mine with letters, if you look carefully you can see a G on the crackers, that matches the other G and then I get nice, neat cards.

2. Using white or craft glue, spread a very thin layer on the cardboard and press it to the back of the fabric. Let it dry. (It will curl a bit, don't worry we'll take care of that later.)

3. cut slits along the edge of the fabric, this will allow it to lay flat and go around the corners. Apply a thin line of glue around the edge of the board, then smooth the tabs down. You will get gluey (is that a word??). Let this dry and do it all again to make a second one. 

4. When they have both dried, apply a thin layer of glue to the cardboard (back) of one of the pieces. Place them together, check for squishage,  (clean that off) then weight it until dry. The Weight will flatten it out and when it's dry it will be stiff and straight.

I have made a few of these before, and tied them up with some cute ribbon to give to a needlepointer, I think they would also work to wrap bits of ribbon around for storage in the craft room. 

I have another project made with the scraps of this one so I'll be back soon.

just in case you'd like the shape I use, here it is- resize as you like and cut away!!!

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