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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dollar Store Crafts Super Secret Stash Challenge-

Did you hear about this?? Heather of Dollar Store Crafts picked random people to participate and sent each an envelope of stuff. Well, she picked ME! I am so excited to participate. When I got a big envelope in the mail, I wondered:
who do I know in Oregon? 
who would be sending me such a big envelope?
Then when I was pulling out all the stuff, I didn't understand what it was until I read her enclosed letter.  I am so excited that she sent me the  Purple stash, I love purple and pink so these items are great.

I started thinking right away and had some ideas:
-Tissue Paper Flowers with word tags in the center
-The burgundy runner looks like a great piece of fabric and with the zippers and the cord, I'm thinking some sort of bag or purse.
-Somehow use some of the purple yarn to edge the hankie. 

I'll be back with pics and "craft alongs" (i don't know that they can be a tutorial if I am kind of figuring out as I go along). 

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Heather - said...

I'll be linking to your posts next week! Thanks for participating! :)